Support Credits

Technical support tasks are performed in exchange for support credits. When requesting work, we will tell you how many credits the work will require and when the work will be completed. You may then either approve or reject the work. On approval the work will proceed according to the delivery schedule (completion date) provided earlier.

The answers to some frequently asked questions about support credits are provided below.

How many credits do typical support and maintenance tasks require?

The table below provides some examples of typical support tasks, and the number of credits typically required for each.

CreditsExample Tasks
  • Add or replace images or banners (up to 3)
  • Upload and publish a news entry
  • Create simple instructions or guide
  • Install and test a simple plugin
  • Create a new templated web page or blog post
  • Design a new web banner
  • Install and test a complex plugin
  • Configure plugin to integrate with an external system
  • Install and test third-party code (e.g. – SalesForce, Pardot, CRM, etc.)
  • Customize the layout or design of a supported plugin
  • Create new custom field for posts or pages
  • Review and report on Google Analytics data
  • Create custom landing page
  • Customize plugin functionality
  • Make global changes to design theme

How long do credits last?

Support credits can be used any time up to 90 days from the date of purchase, after which point they expire.

How can I find out what my balance of credits is?

Ask a Customer Support representative any time you would like to know your current credit balance. You will also be informed of your balance each time you make a support request.

What if I run out of credits?

You can either request support the following month or purchase additional credits. Each credit costs 8,000 yen, and they can be purchased in any quantity. Credits purchased additionally to not expire.

Why credits and not hours?

Working with credits makes it easier to standardize the rate for typical, oft-requested services, and simplifies the process of tracking the validity period for pre-paid support.